AYODHYA - Cultural Capital of World

January 2021 0 Comment
Ayodhya has been known since centuries ago, not only as birth place of Shri Ram or city of Raja Dashrath but also for its people. Sant Tulsidasji has described them in रामचरितमानस, saying:

मनिगन पुर नर नारि सुजाती। सुचि अमोल सुंदर सब भाँति।।

(अर्थात - नगर के स्त्री पुरुष अच्छी जाती के मणियों के समूह हैं, जो सब प्रकार से पवित्र, अमूल्य और सुंदर हैं) The history of this wonderful place passed through a turbulent time. It saw the damage to the religious places of Hindus, it has noticed litigations since 500 years, and it has seen the demolishing & the bloodshed thereafter. The city has also witnessed claims & counterclaims by Hindus & Muslims for a part of the structure. Once again Ayodhya demonstrated India’s Unity in Diversity after the Honorable Supreme Court gave its verdict and people (both Hindus & Muslims) accepted it with a large heart. Ayodhya emerged as a unique symbol of communal amity. In respect of Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Mandir, Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust will generate every resource. On 5 th August 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in the Bhoomi Pujan at Ayodhya. The Mandir will be built by adhering to the country's ancient and traditional construction techniques. India’s National Capital is Delhi, Economic Capital is Mumbai, Hindutva capital is Varanasi, and we now have Ayodhya as cultural capital of Sanatan Dharm of the world. A role model of culture & Dharm which should followed by each & every human being. This Sanatan Dharm is not only ancient it is also the ultimate for betterment of humanity in Universe. This seat of Ram Rajya will become a catalyst for growth & development through respect for every human being. Each & every person of the country must contribute for this cause.

साथियों शांतिपूर्ण सह-अस्तित्व को बनाए रखने में विविधता में एकता एक बड़ी भूमिका निभाती है। आज ये राष्ट्र और शीघ्र ही समूचा विश्व इन सुजाती, सुचि, अमोल और सुन्दर नर - नारियों को सह अस्तित्व का आदर्श मानेगा।