30 March 2021 0 Comment

“MBBS at government medical college is highly subsidized” is the most blatant ignorant lie propagated through all media outlets always. What they derive this misconception from is an ironically stupid calculation of dividing whole hospital budget by number of MBBS students, as if whole expenditure of hospital is directed at teaching MBBS student itself. To add to irony they compare the fees in private medical colleges which runs upto 10-20 lakhs per annum and then say government fee is far too less. NO, its fees at pvt medical colleges which is exorbitant and exploitative which should be curbed down. Teaching an MBBS actually costs lesser than what an IIT, NIT or DU, JNU or XYZ-U graduate/PG/PhDs cost. Whole resource and complete budget of these non MBBS colleges and universities is for teaching their students only. These universities doesn’t do any other actually productive activities. While some may claim research work as their output to society but its common for both MBBS and non-MBBS institutions. Other than that non MBBS institutions have no role to play than teaching students. Thus expense of guards to peon to faculties to electricity, water every input gives only one output of teaching their students. Hence it can be somehow reasonable to divide their whole budget by number of students and clain the result as per student expenditure of graduating them. On the other hand Govt Medical Colleges are in sole a complete hospital with immense load on its faculties to treat apart from teaching MBBS students. Teaching students is only a miniscule part of the whole job profile. Even non clinical subjects are engaged in various modes other than teaching like investigations, immunizations or preventing diseases at community level. Hospital budget is spent on medications, food to patients, investigations- CT, MRI and Hundred types of tests, then on paying nurses, technicians, paramedics, professors, resident doctors etc. MBBS is just a kind of bi-product of a running medical college machinery. But it is claimed by governments that crores are spent per MBBS student which is totally ridiculous. What an MBBS student actually get is a room often shared by 2-6 other students, and last-bath shared by 10 such rooms, when a private medical college with whole intention of profit can teach MBBS at fees of 10 lakhs per annum then how can a govt. hospital for service has to spend more than that. This stupid calculation is being used for a very long time for morally black mailing medical students and then imposing various compulsory bonds and mandatory rural services etc. if government wants doctors in rural areas then make this job lucrative by pay and more than that by amenities, security and status/dignity of that post. If a gram panchayat mukhiya, SDO, BDO etc can come and threaten a duty doctor then do not expect charity from doctors at the expense of their self respect. Last week a colleague nearly escaped mob lynching by 200 people after death of a patient. Why has any judge never faced such lynch/violence despite despite dealing with prosecution of extreme criminals on day to day basis? Because they have previolence security at hand and also post-violence measures to tackle which make people afraid of attacking a judge despite their family member might have been hanged to dearth on judge’s wrong order. Why not similar security to that rural doctor who deals with life and death of patients and few of those must be dying every day just by inevitable law of mortality of human. In a country of crores of unemployed where a peon’s job get lakhs of applicants per post, why do governments have to beg to get their doctorvs vacancy filled up. Because it’s a bad job with low salary, no security despite tackling life and death every day, no dignity of post, any SDO, BDOs, SDM etc can run into your office and show of their powers on you, and what distresses you more is that cracking MBBS was tougher than atleast these state service commissions but now you are made to feel lower than them. Moral blackmailing of Doctors by falsely claiming highly subsidized education must stop now.