Dengue: Havoc, year after year

1 December 2021 0 Comment

Dengue is a notorious word well known to almost every person, whether in urban or rural areas. It does not spare any person irrespective of caste, creed or economic status. This disease comes every year at a particular time but still we see that the government and its concerned departments, NGO’s and media start the awareness program about dengue after its spread begins. A strategy like a disaster management plan is need for people to know what precautions are to be taken by the public, what action is needed, how an alert message is to be spread amongst the departments and how the message will pass so that government comes into action need to be discussed. But all the stakeholders delay coming into action as the disease itself is self limiting and feel that people will forget it till the next year. डेंगू आता है और हर साल अपने आप चला जाता है, क्यों ज्यादा मेहनत करें इसकी रोकथाम मे !! इस एटीट्यूड मे बदलाव लाना होगा। This disease is spread by a specific mosquito (male aedes mosquito). The health care personnel and other concerned citizens are also aware of the epidemiology, pathogencity and where we should intervene and what type of treatment should be given. If each and every stakeholder starts awareness program for dengue disease before the season and they truly perform their role, then there will be a lasting solution. If this is repeated for 3 to 5 years we will certainly get the result because by this people will become aware and cautious which will lead to people taking preventive measures. The knowledge needs to be refreshed every year so that it translates in to attitudinal change and pre-emptive action in future. It is my urge to the government; NGO’S and more particularly to the media that awareness about factors which spreads the disease should be created well before the start of rains and during the rainy season as well. The concerned departments need to become more vigilant and precautionary measures should be taken for controlling the spread of disease. If anyone violates the norms they should be held responsible for it. In conclusion, I would say that knee jerk responses rather than plans of action are seen despite knowing the fact that Dengue is wreaking havoc every year. Blanket measures aimed at creating newspaper headlines showing government’s efforts rather than targeted interventions to tackle the problem have sadly become a norm, which needs to be changed.