30 March 2021 0 Comment

The common misconception is that, MBBS education at government medical college is highly subsidized and that too at the cost of public money. The truth is that a medical college has a big budget for public service, be it infrastructure, equipments, investigation machineries, high salary, patient facilities, expenditure for consumables and several other requirements for treatment of a vast population 24 x 7 days. Now the mistake is that the total budget is divided by number of MBBS seats in the medical college. The fee charged by private medical colleges is on the higher side, sometimes exorbitant and many times exploitative. Someone who has ‘invested’ in education expect timely and sufficient return on his investment. Rural postings are not lucrative, neither in terms of money nor facility for self and family growth. These rural assignments are dangerous also because there is no life security when the doctor gets beaten up by non understanding, unruly village mob. Friends, when I did my medical graduation & PG I observed that teaching in MBBS course actually costs lesser than what an IIT, NIT or Government run and private University cost. Let us repeat the same calculation of Total budget divided by number of students in this non MBBS education case. The answer will be purely the cost of obtaining a degree. In case of non MBBS everything is entirely for student whether it is infrastructure, facility, electricity & water charges, equipments, salary to teachers and the army of staff that take care of these students. These Universities are not bounded to do any other actually productive activities. Research work is their notable contribution to society by these activities, but again it is common for both MBBS and non-MBBS institutions. This is why I state that it can be justified to divide their whole budget by number of students and claim the result as per student expenditure of graduating them in the case of Non MBBS education. This article is meant to open eyes of politicians, Govt. officers, public and media. A village is classified because it has a population of minus plus 15000 citizens. (A majority of them have moved out for better prospects). There are neither to many people who need 24 x 7 service nor do they visit PHCs for small ailments. They prefer to go to nearby town or CHCs or Tertiary care Medical Colleges. If government wants doctors in rural areas then make their jobs lucrative by pay, amenities, security and dignity of that post. If a gram panchayat mukhiya, SDO, SDM, BDO etc can come and threaten a duty doctor then do not expect a doctor to be a silent spectator at the cost of his/her self respect. Judicial machinery gives its dictate against a crime & criminal, but the person on seat of judgment come out and always stays unharmed; whereas a small unintended mistake by doctors becomes a lifelong threat of life to himself and whole of his family. A Doctor is a human too; he needs security, self respect, money, facility for his children’s education and everything of a very good standard. Stop blackmailing the doctors on the pretext of public money eaters, charity workers, or money makers. Stop imposing compulsory bonds and mandatory rural services etc. If government wants doctors in rural areas then give them a lucrative work environment. Moral blackmailing of Doctors by falsely claiming highly subsidized education must stop now.