Voluntary Blood Donation Camps – Safe blood

30 October 2021 0 Comment

Voluntary blood donation movement has a dedicated objective to ensure that safe blood is immediately available to the needy patient. To fulfill this mission more and more voluntary blood donation camps are being encouraged. Voluntary blood donation means that eligible persons donate blood with their own free will, without temptation, fear or expectation of returns. On the contrary, most of the social organizations, heads of various associations, clubs, political, social and business organizations are organizing such blood donation camps for their own fame, to get name and fame or for media coverage, and this is the reason why we see such an unnecessary competition of holding camps for voluntary blood donation. Recently, the Special Task Force (STF) of Uttar Pradesh has revealed that these blood donation camps are becoming a threat to both the voluntary blood donation movement and the patient. Blood donation camps are being organized in exchange of offers for making all arrangements of camp, arranging various types of gifts and offering refreshments to the blood donor. This can result in more units of blood collection. This may end up in creating a record for donation; but the arrangements are not made according to the prescribed standards of the Blood Council and the Drugs and Cosmetics Act. The compliance in respect of mandatory presence of doctors and nursing staff in the camp, mandatory screening of blood donors, safe collection and transportation of blood is not followed. The result is that the quality of the blood collected is not as per the appropriate standards. The possibility of adverse effects on the blood donor also increases. We often hear the news of death of a blood donor without proper care in absence of doctor. Blood donation camp organizations should call only such blood banks who can give blood to the patients directly, and not those who take money in exchange of giving blood to other blood banks or to blood banks outside the state. The Special Task Force of Uttar Pradesh has also revealed that huge quantity of blood is going out from Rajasthan to other states; besides this they make one unit of blood to two units by adding saline or other such type of adulteration. By such an act the patient does not get the benefit even after the blood transfusion. Instead of saving his life, such blood puts the life of the patient in danger. Blood donation camp organizations are doing a noble job, but if they enter in this type of competition, then surely the blood donation movement will get a big setback. Genuine Blood donors who come voluntarily to donate blood will also loose trust with such incidents & news of buying and selling of blood. They will hesitate to come forward for blood donations. The Organizations that organize blood donation camps must obtain specific information about blood bank and should call only those blood banks, which keep blood safe, test and distribute blood to hospitals for patients as per rules and not to other blood banks.