Doctors’ day – 1 st July

30 June 2022 0 Comment
Media has more frequently highlighted about doctors' burnout (getting tired) in the past 2 years of the pandemic outbreak. It is not a new problem; it has been there for decades. A doctors' mental, physical and emotional state of health is now getting more attention because in the past two years doctors are honored as heroes, due to their efforts of saving people and self sacrifice.

A survey reported that

  • Over 80% of doctors in India are stressed out in their profession. Newer research continues to indicate that a sad trend of suicide among them is also rising
  • 56% of doctors do not get their daily minimal 7-hours quota of sleep
  • 13.7 % attend to trials in criminal prosecution cases during more than 4 days of a week
  • 46.3% stated fear of violence as the main cause of stress in clinical practice
  • 24.2% doctors fear that they can be sued by patient or relatives
  • 57.7% have thoughts of hiring security in their premises
The list of stressors for doctors has increased manifolds during COVID-19. These range from worry about not having enough PPE, running out of ventilators for patients, multiple shifts in duty etc. Remember, they slept in hotels, isolated, to protect their families, or went home each night and worried about putting their families at risk. This is not all, no one realizes the doctors feeling of helplessness when a precious life is lost in his presence. Traditionally, doctors are considered as an example of self-sacrifice. They are trained to keep their emotions under control so that it does not interfere with their judgment. We want our doctors to be neutral in emotions and deep in their expertise. They cannot ask for support even if they have to suffer in silence. To overcome these conditions, institutions in government and private sectors should carry out a periodic audit of their stress levels, their emotions and the effect of these factors on their performance. They should be taught on regular basis about positive coping strategies including exercise, remaining connected with family, friends and colleagues, eating well, or taking physical and mental recess. In a small percentage of cases if the situation does not improve they may need a professional mental health support. Additionally a self development strategy has an important role to play. A Doctor must remember that since medicine is a quickly evolving science he / she must remain consistently up graded by participation in continuing education, reading on the subject of his specialty etc. FRIENDS, THOSE WHO EXPECT WELLNESS FROM DOCTORS MUST ENSURE DOCTORS’ WELLNESS BECAUSE THIS WILL PROMOTE COMPETENCE, REDUCE MEDICAL ERRORS AND, IN TURN, ENSURE A COST EFFECTIVE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM. BY MAKING FEWER MISTAKES THEY CAN SOLVE PROBLEMS FASTER. THIS WILL SHOW THE RESULTS OF PUBLIC INVESTMENT BY GETTING QUALITY CARE AT AFFORDABLE PRICE.